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Apart from the fact that we love our narrowboating trips, we also have a “day job” that helps to keep us in the narrowboating style. For the last 8 years, my husband Marcus has been working in the First Aid industry. In early 2012 he was made redundant from Steroplast Healthcare; the next stage was obvious- we needed to go it alone. In November 2011, I had already registered a First Aid Supplies company at Companies House, as a “bit of a hobby”. However, with redundancy looming, “a bit of a hobby” became something far more serious and since February 2012, Advantage First Aid has become a business that enjoys a great on-line reputation and one that has helped to fund our boating.

We had also run a successful Baked Potato Catering business, but as the first aid business grew & grew it has taken a back seat- also we wanted our weekends free for boating, whereas before we’d spent our weekends at shows and festivals.

So, Advantage First Aid is truly a family affair, with our 9 year old helping out by bagging tweezers, gloves or other first aid sundries, or our 17 year old daughter packing parcels and generally helping out, in between her shifts at McDonalds- going well due to all the family catering experience at shows and festivals!

So there you have it, 4 of us; 3 keen boaters and 1 fair weather boater- I’ll leave you to decided who’s the fair weather boater!

Sarah & Marcus- Narrowboat 1





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