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Harebell’s First Full Day

First of all, I slept REALLY, REALLY badly and woke up really not feeling up to the challenges that I knew lay ahead. I also seemed to ache all over & had a nagging soreness in the back of my throat. Of course, the one thing that I did not have on board was some Ibuprofen!! Needless to say that my aches & pains were no match for our schedule and we were under way by 7.00am. It was a gorgeous morning and we were the only ones about for a while- it really is the best time of the day, especially if the temperature is forecast to rise during mainstream hours. I saw another boat with my name on, this time with her name painted on the side, so a picture had to be taken!!

Not long before we reached Stenson Lock and the last of the wide locks. We were alone in that one and rose the 12ft 4inches diagonally across the lock!!

By the time we had left the lock, we were both hungry & ready for another coffee, so Chef Marcus set about making the inaugural bacon & egg sarnies. He abandoned the grill halfway through and just used the large frying pan, just as I do in the motorhome….much easier & just as yummy.

On we went towards Burton on Trent, unsure how much of a log jam we’d face, but it hasn’t been too bad. We stopped on the outskirts of Burton and Marcus made a dash to a local shop for some much needed Ibuprofen for me. A small wait at a few locks but no major bottlenecks so far. We‘d like to get Fradley out of the way, then we know we have a reasonably clear run up to ┬áHatherton.

Where there is a Sarah Louise, it seems that there is a Marcus not very far away……just near Alrewas, we passed NB Marcus. A small section of the Trent was navigated here with a fierce overflow that was best viewed at a distance. And under power.

We were keen to get passed Fradley tonight, so we pressed on, even though the weather was getting hotter and hotter. By the time we got to Fradley it was a scorcher! Lots of gongoozlers, as usual, but not too many boats. it all worked out quite nicely and we sailed through. Once pass the last lock round the corner, we decided that enough was enough again and found a lovely shady spot. As we have a few lock free hours tomorrow, we can make up some time.



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