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Off The Caldon and the Start of a New Trip

Bluebells on the Caldon 1
Bluebells on the Caldon below Milton.

Not doing things by halves has become something of a fact of boating. We were heading back home, via the Birmingham & Fazeley and the Wolverhampton 21. We wanted to be off the Caldon before the junction got clogged up with boats for the festival, so we set off in good time this morning. The spirit was willing but the body was weak, but I still wanted to beat my 2 x 8 minute runs, so I started off from the boat straight away and left Marcus & James to get Harebell through Engine Lock and headed off towards Milton. I must have kept a good pace going, because at the end, I’d realised I’d flown past 2 mileposts and Harebell was nowhere in sight. I decided to keep walking and wait for her to catch up, but she didn’t! I called Marcus from the next bridge hole and he was just around the corner- wondering where I was!

By this time I was V.V.V. Hungry, so we put the Veggie Burgers and Bacon in the oven, on a low heat and made for the bottom of Bedford Street Locks where we all ate hungrily, in the same mooring spot as we’d had at the ┬ástart of our Caldon adventure.

Mindful of the way boats are allowed through the Harecastle, we realised that we could get behind a whole section of them, so we headed out for Stoke Locks and followed a boat down, but with plenty coming up, we zipped through them quite easily.

The Meaford flight was a dream, all in our favour and a few coming up as well to lighten the workload- James is getting very chatty with people at locks and lots are commenting on what a “proper boater” he is!! It was quite late when we arrived in Stone ┬ábut pushed through the locks as there were not many boats about and none to make us wait at locks. There was no room to moor at Stone if we’d wanted to- it was chock-a-block on the visitor moorings and for about half a mile beyond! We popped though the Aston lock and found a great spot a little way beyond the marina. All quite tired- some stiff paddles on the Caldon Locks and deep ones at Stoke!

19 Locks.

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