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Thoughts of Distance as End of Holiday Looms!

Mindful of the amount of boats moored in Stone, with a lot of them facing our direction, we felt that we needed and early-ish start or we’d be queuing at locks. Despite our best intentions, a boat did come past us but when we caught up with them at the next lock, not only were they really nice people but were efficient too. We carried on like that for most of the locks on the T&M until they turned off at Great Heywood. A bit of a log jam at Colwich, but it was a gorgeous day so waiting in the sunshine was no chore. As is the way sometimes, boats cleared and we had nothing to impede our progress all the way to Rugeley where we made a a stop at the new Tesco, which was right by the canal.

Wood End Lock
Wood End Lock, Near Fradley.
The Coventry Canal at Fradley
The Coventry Canal at Fradley.

A pleasant afternoon passed as we headed steadily towards Fradley, as we felt that we needed to get through that potential bottleneck today. By the time we reached Wood End Lock, we were pleased that it was not too late in the day and passing through Fradley was not going to take us well into the evening time.

Fradley itself was easy peasy, as both locks were in our favour and in no time at all, we were making the right hand turn onto the Coventry Canal. We decided to top up the water tank, but with slow water pressure, we got bored after 35 minutes and turned off the tap. The evening sun was inviting, so we decided to make the most of it, especially as rain was forecast for the next day. We passed Huddlesford Juction and said a “hello” to March Mole, although we couldn’t see her. Just before Whittington, we decided that enough was enough somewhere and we found a sunny, if very windy, spot alongside a smart piece of piling.

Nearing Mooring Spot
Nearly at Our Mooring Spot on the Coventry.



7 Locks.

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