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No Need to Outfox the Fox

I met my future husband in August 2004. The first thing he ever gave me –apart from his phone number- was a picture of Aqua Roma, the family narrowboat, built by Charlie Fox in 1976. Little did I realise the extent of the effect that the 38 feet 6 inches of steel would have on… Read more »

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Just not what we were expecting….

They say the camera never lies, and in reality it doesn’t. However it can give a very different impression. The human mind can also edit their minds eye into whatever is in their mind; that’s what I did with Ambassador. On a rainy Friday afternoon, we found out that Aqua Roma can never be beaten-… Read more »

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Back to Work and Source Some Funding.

Well, at the moment we seem to be ranging from 2 opposing emotions. One minute we are happily thinking to ourselves “hey man, this is cool- a little bit of extra debt we can handle and we can cut back on other things and at the end we’ll own a boat- aren’t we just the… Read more »